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Four targeted solutions. Proven outcomes.
Life-changing behavioral healthcare.

Ontrak Identify

How do you find members eligible for your care management programs?

You invest a lot to help get members the care they need. But it’s not easy to find members who are ‘lost to care’ or living with undiagnosed conditions. Using proprietary analytics,

Ontrak Identify can predict with a high degree of accuracy eligible members who need targeted treatment. Even absent diagnosis, our predictive algorithms can impute behavioral health diagnoses by triangulating data and analyzing 21 different factors relating to co-occurring medical conditions.

See all the ways we can help you identify eligible members. 

Ontrak Outreach

How do you get eligible members to participate in your care management programs?

Care management programs can drive significant cost savings and improve long-term member outcomes. But you can’t achieve your goals if members don’t take advantage.

Ontrak Outreach deploys person-centered, evidence-based engagement to boost program participation and optimize plan utilization. Our diverse team of outreach specialists uses empathy-based motivational interviewing to build trust and put members on the path to long-term health and wellbeing.

Discover how we can help maximize program participation.

Ontrak Engage

How do you ensure members living with behavioral health conditions get the support they need?

Quality behavioral healthcare requires dedicated, hands-on member support. But health plans don’t always have the resources or care management infrastructure to deliver.

Ontrak Engage gives members 1:1 care coaching to help them navigate care, overcome barriers, and realize better health outcomes. Either in collaboration with providers or through dedicated Ontrak programs, our Care Coaches ensure high- and mid-acuity members get consistent, ongoing support—up to 52 consecutive weeks.

See how we help members stick to treatment plans and practice durable healthcare consumption.

Ontrak Access

How can you confidently expand your behavioral health provider network?

Health plans recognize the critical need for a strong behavioral health provider network. But it’s not easy to build—and maintain—a network in this space.

Ontrak Access gives you access to a 45-state NCQA-accredited behavioral health network, helping to significantly your own network. Through strong relationships with 7,900+ providers, we can help improve access, availability, and accountability for our clients and members.

Find out why provider relationships make a difference.


Our solutions not only deliver proven cost savings, but also empower sustainable lifestyle changes–giving people back control of their lives.