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Our Approach

Deeper Engagements that Drive Proven, Durable Outcomes

Durable Behavioral Health Outcomes.


Who does Ontrak help?

We uncover deep, predictive attributes, leveraging advanced data analytics using 21 different features relating to co-occurring medical conditions to identify individuals with unaddressed behavioral health conditions, even absent a diagnosis, that cause or exacerbate chronic medical disease.

Ontrak identifies the 5-7% of a health plan’s population who drive nearly half of total healthcare costs, representing a 5.4x greater cost savings opportunity.


How do we engage members who are not actively participating in their own care?

Our engagement process is rooted in understanding the whole person and their individual barriers to healthcare access. We use motivational interviewing — an evidence-based approach to behavioral change to identify participants’ values, goals, needs, abilities, and barriers. By understanding members on a more personal level, our team of trained, dedicated Member Enrollment Specialists are able to enroll members with under or untreated behavioral health diagnoses into the program.

Ontrak enrolls on average 20% of eligible members who we are able to reach, double that of comparable disease management programs.


How does Ontrak keep members engaged in the program and with behavioral health providers?

For up to 52 weeks, our team of Care Coaches help members build skills and self-efficacy, guiding them toward durable behavior and lifestyle changes that ultimately lead to better health. Care Coaches maintain deep relationships with members and connect them to licensed behavioral health specialists for personalized treatment plans, while helping them build the skills, knowledge, health literacy, and confidence to take charge of their health and properly manage their conditions.

66% retention rate and average enrollment of 7+ months.


What have members achieved upon graduation?

Upon completion of the Ontrak program, members achieve meaningful behavior change and improved health outcomes, while seeing significant reductions in high-cost, avoidable utilization. Ontrak graduates report they are more actively engaged with their primary care physicians, behavioral health providers, and health plans — ultimately leading to improved health and reduced medical spend.

$485 PMPM cost savings largely driven by 66% reduction in avoidable inpatient utilization

How it works

Our ability to identify, engage, treat, and activate members not only means proven cost savings for health plans, but sustainable lifestyle changes that gives individuals back control of their lives.

Live Your Best Life.

Science-backed coaching.
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