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New York Health Matters Providers

Welcome Ontrak Providers!

Thank you for being a part of our network. Please use this site as a resource for managing your relationship with us.

Billing & Important Forms

Treatment Plan & Visit Summary Submission

An initial treatment plan is required (only one per member), and submission must be by member’s third visit. All other visits, both before/after treatment plan submission, require a visit summary submission. Please submit visit summaries within three business days of each service. Here are copies of each form:

Treatment Plan Form
Visit Summary Form

To ensure faster pay, better coordination, and lower no-show rates, please fax all treatment plan and/or visit summaries, immediately after each service, to the Care Coaches at (888) 972-9589. Or send via secure email: [email protected].

Please note: the date of service in the visit summary/treatment plans must match the date of service submitted on the claim.

Claim Submission

Timely Claim

Claims filed beyond the timely filing limit will be denied.

Please submit a complete claim to Ontrak’s TPA, Keenan and Associates. Claims should be submitted electronically.

Payor ID KEE01 (Office Ally)
Payor ID 95279 (All Others)

Billing Support:
Phone: 310-444-4395
Email Billing

Ontrak Newsletter & Important Notifications

If you’d like to subscribe to our newsletter, please email Ontrak Provider Services.


Mailing Addresses
Health Matters IPA, LLC  Office: 2200 Paseo Verde Parkway, Suite 280 Henderson, Nevada 89052
Keenan and Associates: P.O. BOX 2744, Torrance, CA, 90509

Billing / Claims Questions
Phone: 310-444-4395
[email protected]

Provider Network Management / Contracting Questions
Provider Network Phone: 855-840-3627, Option 3
Provider Network Fax: 833-908-0144
Provider Network Help: [email protected]

Care Coach Questions / Referrals / Member Eligibility
Phone: 866-321-6560
[email protected]