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The Ontrak Program has proven to
decrease costly utilization
and increase preventive care.

We have validated, durable medical claims savings and ROI outcomes across all lines of business, including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health plan members. Additionally, there is more to our program than just medical claims savings. Once activated, our members increase preventive and managed care utilization, closing gaps in care. Through evidence-based care coaching, we take inactive members and turn them into self-sustaining individuals.

The Treatment Effect Study

There are tremendous gaps in care for individuals with behavioral health conditions. These behavioral health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and substance use disorder, are major drivers of cost to the US healthcare system. They can double and even triple the total cost of care, largely driven by Emergency Department (ED) and in-hospital visits. And while high-cost groups with unaddressed behavioral health conditions and chronic disease co-morbidities only make up about 6% of the population, they account for 44% of total healthcare costs.

The Treatment Effect Study demonstrates that Ontrak’s behavioral health interventions work over the long-term, resulting in better outcomes for members and significant cost-savings for payers, and should be integrated as a critical component of healthcare plans.

Financial Outcomes
PMPM cost savings durable over 24 months
average cost savings per member over 2 years
Utilization Outcomes
PMPM increase in behavioral health and primary care services
reduction in inpatient utilization
Source: Ontrak Treatment Effect Study

Industry Leading Engagement

average enrollment rate of members reached
average retention rate
Member Net promoter score
months average time in program
Source: Ontrak book of business program data and member survey results

Wellbeing+ Outcomes

of target population enrolls
sustained meaningful engagement through the program
substantially reduced mental health risk-level
substantially reduced stress and increased resilience
Source: LifeDojo, a subsidiary of Ontrak, Inc.

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