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Thought Leadership

Five ways Ontrak Care Coaches empower members to achieve durable health outcomes

By Kristy Hemenway, Care Community Senior Manager, Ontrak Health. Health plans know vulnerable populations need hands-on care and support. Even members who routinely visit their…

By ontrak
July 28, 2023

For us, it’s personal.

By Mandi Thomas, Senior Director of Member Engagement, Ontrak Health. How human-centered, empathy-based outreach can drive program participation—and change people’s lives. In this blog Mandi…

By ontrak
July 7, 2023

How do you identify members eligible for behavioral health intervention? It’s in the data.

By Esteban Nell Vice President, Production Data & Member Operations, Ontrak Health. In this blog Esteban explains the technologies and processes behind Ontrak Identify, a…

By ontrak
June 1, 2023

Access and Availability: How to effectively expand—and improve—your behavioral health network.

Jennifer True Donahue, Vice President, Provider Services and Operations, Ontrak Health. Given the growing emphasis on behavioral healthcare, it’s no surprise we’re seeing more health…

By ontrak
December 13, 2022

An Evaluation of a Care Coaching and Provider Referral Intervention for Behavioral Health Needs

The American Journal of Managed Care. December 2022. Volume 28, Issue 12. Care coaching and behavioral health provider referral programs produce long-term savings, reductions in…

By ontrak
December 7, 2022

The power of provider relationships: Building durable behavioral healthcare networks

A conversation with Brianna Brennan, SVP Operations, Ontrak Health. Behavioral healthcare is more important than ever. But members don’t always have the quality access they…

By ontrak
December 6, 2022