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We find and help people with unaddressed behavioral health conditions and chronic disease to improve their health and reduce medical expenses.
  • Member-centric goal setting with sensitivity to barriers to care
  • Up to 52 weeks of personalized support and treatment
  • Coach-enabled and therapist-driven care
  • Digital platform and deep personal engagement

Loved Care Coach phone calls. Care Coach genuinely cared about me and my progress. I’ve learned to deal with people better. Accept that there are things I can’t control. I can remove myself from situations that cause anxiety.”

The Ontrak program did exactly what its name says – it got me back on track. If you are wanting to improve your life, want to just find a different avenue or help with anything, Ontrak gives all the tools – you just have to take advantage.”

“We don’t have great mental health care where I live, I was really struggling to even find a doctor, let alone a counselor. Then the Ontrak program popped up, and I thought, “This is amazing!” Having the program available really saved me and brought me out of a dark place.”

I had been doing it my way for so many years, and my way didn’t work. Ontrak’s approach is totally different than anything I had tried before… it’s just a completely different approach healing the whole body and mind.”

Did You Know?


of those living with unaddressed behavioral health issues account for


of total healthcare costs.


pre-post reduction in inpatient encounters among the treated cohort


per member per month cost savings durable 24 months post enrollment


savings per member over 2 years

Behavioral Health that cuts costs

We provide deeper engagements that drive proven, durable outcomes.

Our Whole-Person Approach Delivers Durable Outcomes

Our mission is to help improve the health and save the lives of as many people as possible. Ontrak programs significantly reduce medical expenses for health plan partners.

Our AI-powered technology uncovers populations with previously unaddressed behavioral health needs by analyzing utilization patterns, demographic factors and prescription characteristics.

We remove access barriers and drive program enrollment and retention with Ontrak’s team of trained, dedicated member engagement specialists and care coaches.

We achieve significant behavior change and better member health outcomes with Ontrak’s 52-week evidence-based, therapist-led and coach-driven treatment plans.

We create durable behavior and lifestyle changes by providing members with the knowledge, skills, health literacy and confidence to manage their conditions.

Ontrak is a key population health partner. We have found Ontrak’s outreach and care coaching highly effective. As a business partner, Ontrak is extremely responsive and moves swiftly to ensure we are continually aligned.”

Health Alliance Customer

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We are looking for the best! Our technology-forward team is committed to improving health and saving lives. We strive for successful, whole-person outcomes through collaborative care and offer an environment built on trust, opportunity, and skill-building.